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Some small things

Hello. Im using this about 1 week. And I liked it much. Thank you for providing good service. One thing I would like to ask is the "calender format". I live in Brazil, the format used here is like "day/month/year" instead of one is used in this site and it seems to be unchangeble. Other issue is the digits after "." are not shown!! For exemple, when I enter some value like "20.50", the value after dot is not shown after it is submitted in the list! Thank you for attention I hope it could be supported soon :)


Your suggestion has accepted. You can change dateFormat on section page.


Hi~! yhGO- : ) 1. You got it. We will offer varius formats for date('m-d-y', 'd-m-y'). You can change this format in the setting page in the future. Maybe it will take 1 month or more. 2. You can change a decimal point in the section page. Click the `sections` on the top of the page and move cursor to your current section. And then modify button would show up. Click the `modify` button and change `Decimals` value to '.00'. Thanks you for your review.


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