External data useful for understanding

External data useful for understanding

On this page, we have explained as much as you can use doubles bookkeeping. However, if you are still unsure of what doubles bookkeeping is or you want to know more in detail, the following data will be of great help. Some materials go beyond account descriptions to deal with transaction entry. Journal entries in accounting are much more difficult than entering transactions in whooing, so it doesn't matter if you don't understand that part.

-Video: Daily consumption> Accounting 1> Assets -Video: Household consumption> Accounting 1> Liabilities and capital -Video: Living Consumption> Accounting 1> Revenue and Expenses

-Text: Economic Briefing 1: Basics of Accounting-Double Entry Bookkeeping, Statement of Financial Position, Income Statement -Text: Economic Briefing 2: Money and No Money -Text: Economic Briefing 3: The Meaning of Debt -Text: Economic Briefing 4: What is Capital on Top-Money in

-Webtoon: Misaeng part2-16th Wednesday -Webtoon: Misaeng part2-Number 43 -Webtoon: Misaeng part2-No. 44

-Video: Accountant Taking Photos> Lecture: Debit and Credit? Understanding Double Entry Bookkeeping -Video: Everything about self-employment> Principles of accounting / Basic accounting for understanding doubles books