manage other items

manage other items

In addition to adding/modifying/deleting items, the Preferences page provides several tools to manage.

merge and split

If the item was created less than a year ago, it can be easily organized. There was a need to separate the cost items, so I made them into A, B, and C items. Later on, it may be judged that all of these were similar and did not have to be shared. When you run the integration, it integrates into item A at the top, All transactions that were in the existing items B and C are automatically converted to item A.

The cost and revenue items are fully integrated as above, but Assets and liabilities are combined in a slightly different way. Consolidating an asset or liability item works as a way to preserve past reports and transactions. At the time of consolidation, all balances of the remaining items are transferred to the top item, and the remaining items are closed. Therefore, reports from the past are also preserved and from that point onwards they will be presented in a consolidated form.

To actually merge, click the'Merge/Separate' button in the upper right corner of each account in Preferences. A list of items created within one year is displayed, select the items to be consolidated, and click Consolidate.

Separation is done in a similar way, after pressing the'Merge/Separate' button, you only need to select one item to separate.

Change the order of items

To the right of each item there is a move button that you can move (if you are on mobile, it will appear by pressing the button). After pressing this button, you can drag it to the desired location.

View closed items

You have closed the item, but you need to access the item in order to edit or cancel the close again. There is a'View Closed Items' button at the top right of the configuration setting. When you click this button, items that are closed for each account will be displayed in red.