enter transaction

enter transaction

Entering a transaction is a very frequent and constant task, so you need to find a convenient method that works for you. Whooing provides several transaction input methods.

Method 1. Transaction input page

The most basic way is to use the transaction entry page in the menu. The transaction entry page shows the form of transactions that can be entered and the recently entered transactions immediately below. After typing, you can focus on typing while checking right below. For more information, please refer to Enter Transaction, Enter All Data.

Method 2. Quick input

You can call the input form by pressing the keyboard shortcut i key anywhere in whooing. If you're looking at reports and suddenly come to mind, you can type quickly without moving pages.

For an explanation of all shortcuts, refer to Shortcuts and Speed ​​Up.

Method 3. Awesomebox

Sometimes it is cumbersome to fill in form data sequentially. This is especially true for transactions that are repeated frequently. In this case, if you press the keyboard shortcut'a' anywhere on the page, Awesome Box will appear. Here, just type a word or amount as you think, and whooing will take care of tracking the existing transaction and completing it. For more information on how to use Awesome Box, refer to Awesome Box, Easy Input by Command.

Method 4. External input

Sometimes it is more convenient to load already existing financial data at once if you are entering a day or week. SMS messages that arrive at each payment, card homepage usage information, bank transaction history data, etc. can be retrieved, sorted and finished. External input can be called by pressing the shortcut o anywhere in whooing. For details, refer to External input and automatic financial data input.