transaction management

transaction management

The entered transactions can be managed for each transaction or after selecting them all at once.

transaction selection

single choice

By default, each transaction is treated individually. When you move the mouse over the upper right corner of each transaction, buttons that can be edited and deleted are displayed. On mobile, you can access the menu by clicking the pull down button in the upper right corner.


In the transaction history, click and drag as many times as you want with the mouse to select the range. Or click one by one empty space in the transaction to include or dissolve the selection. Likewise on mobile, you can select multiple by clicking on an empty space. Multi-selection is possible up to 60 at a time, and after selecting, you can batch re-enter, batch edit, and batch delete using the management button that appears at the bottom.

re-enter transaction

Re-entry calls a window where you can enter a transaction (using the [external input window] (/help/tips/outside)) and automatically places the selected transaction. In other words, it can be useful if you want to re-enter the transaction that was previously entered, or if you want to re-enter only a part of it.

change the order of transactions

Basically, all data of whooing is split only up to date, so you don't need to worry about the order of transactions on the same date. But nonetheless, you may want to modify it both visually and personally. At this time, you can modify the order within the same date by using this change order function.

modify transaction

Some information of the target transaction can be modified. In the case of multi-selection, only specific information (date or item only..) can be edited (in case of multi-selection, the display method is automatically changed).

delete transaction

Delete target transactions. Deleted transactions are automatically moved to the trash.


This is a place where deleted transactions are temporarily stored for one week. In case of accidental deletion, you can call this trash bin to recover your transactions. The trash can be located at the top of the transaction entry page where transactions are displayed.