When does the remaining battery initialize?
    I would like to turn off advertisements.
    What does WHOOING mean?
    What happens if WHOOING goes out of business?
    How can I clear disk cache (when there are errors keep coming up and things seem going wrong)?
    How can I keep my email address remembered on the login page?
    Is there a mobile application?
    다른 무료가계부와의 차별점이 무엇인가요?


    What does ‘Possible reports on Request’ mean?
    I would like to upgrade my statue from “Yangban” to “Yulgok Yi I”, what do I do?
    What do I do when an error occurred while processing payments or payment is made but authority statue does not change?


    How should I categorize my Accounts?
    Can I make unused Accounts disappear?
    Why can't I use special letters or spaces in Account Titles?


    I don't know how to input items.
    How to input right/left.
    Some account does not appear.
    I want to sorting order.
    거래입력은 꼭 거래입력페이지에서만 가능한가요?
    Can I use calendar to select date?
    Can I use more than one parenthesis?
    일괄입력 혹은 외부입력(엑셀업로드,붙여넣기)는 어떻게 하는 것인가요?
    빌려주거나 빌린돈을 어떻게 관리해야 할까요?
    How to input the life Insurance (or CD, Money Market) ?
    If I use credit card to pay others, how should I input?
    How the debit card should be input / managed?


    I want to edit my monthly budget, regardless of my long-term goal.


    I want to see sectional balance.


    Want to see the percentage of items.
    What do I do when the actual balance do not match with the balance of WHOOING?

    Credit Card

    청구금액이 일치하지 않는 것 같습니다.


    How can I set the decimals?
    I deleted a section by mistake, how can I restore the deleted section?
    How can I initialize/ reset the data on my Ledger?