account general

account general

I can't register as a member.

If you are already registered, you cannot re-register. Even if you log in to a third party such as Facebook or Google, if you have an email in the service, you will be registered as a member of whooing with the same email address. If you haven't already used or subscribed to whooing, and it still doesn't work, please contact with the error message on the screen.

I can't log in.

If your password is constantly incorrect and you try again, the login itself may be completely locked. If you have forgotten your password, use [Password Reset] (/auth/forgot_password) to reset the password of the registered email. If the account itself has been blown away, it may have been unused for a long period of more than 1 year and has been automatically withdrawn according to related laws. In this case, the existing data cannot be recovered and a new subscription is required.

Also, due to the browser's cookie settings, you cannot log in even if a session is not created. Depending on the browser, it may be set to a name such as'Privacy Browsing' or'Block Third Party Cookies'. Please allow cookies after entering your browser's preferences or mobile phone's preferences.

I haven't registered as a member, but I get an email from whooing

Users can use various types of household account book apps on Android/iPhone apps through whooing's [third party] (/help/tips/thirdparty) policy. Whooing is a form in which only data is provided and the usage environment is controlled by a third party created by each developer. If you encounter whooing using such a third party, you can sign up for whooing without knowing the service called whooing (though of course you go through the membership registration process).