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site general

What if whooing fails?

Worrying about the destruction of the service you use is a state of concern for affection and continued use, so first of all, thank you for your questions. Many people who use whooing agree that they are tired of frequent closing of apps and services. Therefore, we adhere to the method of operating for as long as possible without being overwhelmed, and we also operate a user subscription model for a profit structure that enables continuous operation. A detailed explanation of this is described in [Thin and Continuous Operation] (/help/intro/long).

Who can see my data?

I can't see it. This is because the user's financial data entered in whooing is entirely helpful for the user's asset management and provides only the data for each logged-in user. The entered financial data will not be provided to a third party without the permission of the party as specified in the [Privacy Policy] (/info/privacy).

Providing with the permission of the party is limited to [third party] (/help/tips/thirdparty), which is an app developed by a third party, not an official whooing app, and uses whooing. When using a third party, you can decide the right to access your own data, and can be dismantled at any time in [Application Management] (/account/tokens).

Statistical data for other usage patterns, access and search information, IP, browser, error information, etc. are scheduled through [Solutions used by whooing] (/help/faqs/common/solution), excluding identifiable personal information. It may be kept for a period of time.

What solutions does whooing use?

The major operation codes of whooing are directly written and provided on AWS. In addition, various solutions and libraries are used to construct a more complete environment. The paid/free solutions that whooing is using are as follows.

-AWS (Server and Domain Infrastructure Management) -FORGE (Server Management) -ENVOYER (distribution management) -Github (Application Source Management) -Facebook Ad Management -Google Ad Management -Google Analyzer (Site usage pattern and optimization) -Pusher (real-time alarm and data management) -Sentry (browser error management) -Papertrail (Server Error Management) -Iimport (providing payment module) -Nicepay (payment agency) -Paypal (overseas currency payment) -Mailgun (send mail)

Also, various open sources are being used internally. For more information, refer to List of Open Sources in Use.