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Report related

Can I arbitrarily adjust the start date?

In conclusion, in whooing, the period of the month is fixed from the 1st to the last day of each month. It seems unlikely that this will change over time. The practical reasons why the start date cannot be adjusted, and the advantages of fixing it to the first day of each month are as follows.

Unable to cope with change of pay date

If the start date is set according to the payday, it is difficult to cope with the change of payday due to a change of job or company policy. If the change of start date is applied retroactively to the past, it is believed that the existing report will be transformed and the basis for the existing judgment itself will be contaminated. If it is divided into before and after, based on the point of change without retrospective application, a problem of consistency arises when searching past data. In addition, there may be a gap of several days or overlapping periods based on the time of change, which may cause problems in grasping continuous monthly data.

Convenience of fixed on the 1st of every month

There are several advantages to fixing the start date on the first day of each month. First of all, it is possible to manage independently without being affected by the change in the base date of the individual's payday mentioned above. Regardless of whether you are paid, incentives, or unpaid, you can systematically manage your monthly budget and expenses. This gives you quite a sense of stability psychologically. Anyway, even if the monthly income is the same and the monthly cost is the same, rather than waiting for a payday and seeing it go out like an ebb and feeling repetitive collapse, measuring the monthly cost, measuring the budget, and controlling the cost accordingly. With the feeling of becoming, you will have the feeling of moving under your thorough self-management.

Secondly, it coincides with the beginning of each month from a corporate and public institution and from a general perspective. In whooing, in many cases, monthly and yearly inquiries are frequently performed. In this case, July is from July 1 to the end of July, and the year is fixed from January 1 to December 31 every year without having to worry about a separate date. It is convenient.

Users' discussion of the start date can be found below. -Do you all set the start date to 1st? Or is it payday?

The credit card report and the amount in the asset liabilities do not match

The credit card report shows the total amount spent on each credit card by month. In other words, it shows the estimated billing amount. On the other hand, credit cards in asset liabilities include the amount of past use that has not yet been settled, the amount that is currently used and settled in the next month, and, if there is an installment, a future amount. In addition, some prepaid amounts may be reflected. Asset liabilities cover all of these cases, so of course there may be a difference from the amount charged this month on your credit card report.