Thin and continuous operation

Thin and continuous operation

whooing aims for a thin and continuous operation.

It is natural that the company continues and the service continues. But if you just think about it, IT services (apps) do not last longer than you think. This is because the web or app environment is changing too quickly, and if the business is not recoverable after proceeding with the initial investment, or if the volume is not created as expected even though it was started as a free service, or if the business feasibility is not found, service interruption can be easily accomplished. Loses.

Actually, there are many people who have experienced exhaustion due to frequent termination of the existing household account book web (app). In this case, it usually provides data backup, but it is not useful as the web (app) that can view the data disappears. And for a while until an alternative appears, the recording will stop.

The household account book is also important to the present being used, but in general, it predicts the future based on the past to present records. In addition, past records are themselves useful information as records. Therefore, more than all other services, Household account book and asset management is more important to the continuity of operation.

whooing aims to continuously operate the service to alleviate the worries of these users. In addition, the following principles are applied to development and operation. Adhering to these principles, whooing has been in service for over 10 years without interruption.

-We do not do excessive business. -We are wary of externally dependent functions and partnerships for major values ​​only. -Based on standard web (desktop/mobile/hybrid app, etc.). -Eliminate predictability and other risks by simplifying the revenue model to usage fees. -Progressive changes are made according to No Grand Open and No Surprise.