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Monthly P/L

This Report shows monthly or daily income and expenses over a specified period. The chart is set to month view by default, but you can switch to day view by changing the inquiry period to one month or less.

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Display Options

What is shown in the chart can be modified by clicking each button at the bottom. This setting is remembered in your browser for a month, so you don't have to change it every time.
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Transfer of related content

A breakdown shown on the screen includes links based on the relevant letter. If you click the item ‘’Snack’, it will refer the breakdown of ‘Snack’ for a certain period. Click the ‘Back’ button, if you wish to go back to the previous page.
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Graph tools

There are graph tools that you can use to outline the relevant figures on the right upper side of the page.
  • Pop-up: To open a new window for a graph that you are looking at. It would be used to analyze related graphs on several pages.
  • Printing: Open a new window to print the only related data. It could be used to see the data in a simple graph.
  • Excel storage: You can download data in Excel. Data in Excel is arranged mainly in rows which is suitable for using in filter or pivot table.

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