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All entered transactions can be found here. Search criteria include the date, Accounts(Left/Right) and Item(Parenthesis) by default and can be extended to Note and Amount by clicking 'Advanced search.' Transactions can be edited or deleted in the same way as on the Insert page.

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Search Criteria

For other criteria, the result will be the same as the search keyword. However, for Items, the search result may vary depending on the parentheses and the use of asterisk(*).
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Searching Items

By default, Items with the 'exactly' same name are searched when a keyword is entered, but using * can expand the search range.
  • All entries involving the Item John : 'John'
  • All entries involving Items of which their names start with John : 'John*'
  • All entries involving Items of which their names end with John : '*John'
  • All entries involving Items of which their names include John : '*John*'
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Searching Parentheses

If * is not used in the search, all parentheses data including the keyword will be searched. All you need to do is putting the parentheses.
  • All entries with the text John in parentheses : '(John)'
You can also combine Item and parentheses criteria.
  • All entries involving the Item John, with the text boy in parentheses : 'John(boy)'
  • All entries involving Items of which their names start with Jo, with the text boy in parentheses : 'Jo*(boy)'
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Related reports

Related report means the reports that show up only under the specified search. It may not come up or might appear many other reports. This includes the following.
  • Changes in (Entry/Item/Customer account): Any changes during the certain period will be appeared in line graph. Assets and Liabilities start up from the accumulated amount.
  • Items(Customer accounts) in Entry: Total sum of items (or customer accounts) in searched entry and Accumulated amount for customer accounts.
  • Entries in Account: This includes every entry in the account. Assets and Liabilities are appeared in accumulated amount.
  • Flow in (Account/ Entry): The flow of every account/entry in account or entry unit. It is a graph that appears like folders so you can fold and open to grasp the point more specifically.
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Transfer of related content

A breakdown shown on the screen includes links based on the relevant letter. If you click the item ‘’Snack’, it will refer the breakdown of ‘Snack’ for a certain period. Click the ‘Back’ button, if you wish to go back to the previous page.
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Graph tools

There are graph tools that you can use to outline the relevant figures on the right upper side of the page.
  • Pop-up: To open a new window for a graph that you are looking at. It would be used to analyze related graphs on several pages.
  • Printing: Open a new window to print the only related data. It could be used to see the data in a simple graph.
  • Excel storage: You can download data in Excel. Data in Excel is arranged mainly in rows which is suitable for using in filter or pivot table.

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