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All settings for current Section can be adjusted in Settings. You can manage the Accounts and manipulate the interface to suite your needs.

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항목들의 집합으로 후잉에서는 회계원리에 따라 자산, 부채, 순자산, 비용, 수익 계정으로 구분합니다.
  • 자산: 경제적 가치가 있는 항목들입니다. 부동산, 예금, 받을돈, 현금 등
  • 부채: 갚아야 할 빚입니다. 신용카드, 대출금, 갚을돈 등
  • 순자산: 자산에서 갚아야 할 부채를 뺀 나머지이며 순수 자기돈이라고 할 수 있습니다. 그리고 일치하지 않는 자산, 부채 잔액을 조정할 때 쓰이기도 합니다.
  • 비용: 소비하여 소멸되는 것들입니다. 임대료, 식비, 교통비 등
  • 수익: 외부에서 유입하여 순자산이 증가되는 것들입니다. 급여, 이자, 용돈 등
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Creating an Account

Click the 'Add' button and fill in required information in the pop-up settings window. You can click '?' in the settings window to see detailed explanation.
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Modifying an Account

You can change your Account settings by clicking the modify button that appears when hovering mouse cursor.
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Deleting an Account

Same with editing an Account, you can click the delete button that appears on cursor hover. Beware that deleting an Account will nullify all transactions related to the Account. If the Account in question is only used for a limited period of time and will not to be used later on, it is recommended to 'inactivate' the Account rather than deleting it.
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Rearranging Accounts

To rearrange Accounts, drag an Account up or down within the list.

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Merging/Splitting Accounts

You can merge multiple Accounts to simplify bookkeeping or split an Account for more detailed record keeping. 'Merge/Split' button appears on the upper right corner of the Accounts list when mouse cursor hovers on the list. You can follow the instructions after choosing either to merge or split selected Accounts.
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Capital Account On/Off

The definition of capital is the net worth(assets minus liabilities) of your money. This Account is not used on regular basis, so it will not show when entering a transaction by default. You may, however, need to use the Capital to set up the initial balance of a new Account or to adjust the Account balance manually for some reason. In those cases, click 'Toggle Capital On' in the Capital column of the Settings page.
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Setting Up the Initial Balance

If you made an Asset Account named 'Savings Account' in Whooing, you must correspond the balance of your actual savings account and the balance of the Whooing Account. If this is not done, your Whooing Account will begin with 0 balance, which won't be accurate.

When a new Asset or a Liability Account is created, Whooing automatically creates a virtual transaction, dated on the activation date of the Account, to be used for initial balance setup, so you can just modify the transaction amount. If you have deleted this transaction, you need to manually enter a capital transaction to set up the balance of the new Account. Go to Settings and click 'Toggle Capital On' in the middle column. Click on the modify button of the Capital Account and check its activation date. Then you can go back to Insert page and create a transaction accordingly: activation date as the date, current balance as the amount, corresponding Asset Account in the left and Capital in the right(left and right will be reversed in case for a Liability Account).

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