Useful without worrying about credit cards and debts

Useful without worrying about credit cards and debts

Credit cards are easy to use, but they are one of those very difficult to manage. 'I get a monthly usage report. What's the problem?' You can also do it. But is it really? Whether you have enough balance in your payment account on the usage period, payment date, and settlement date so that it will not go over to revolving, the monthly installment amount, and how long will it be charged, what are the charges for all the credit cards you use. A simple monthly report sent by a credit card company is not enough.

How to set up a credit card

On the Preferences page, go to Debt. After clicking Register, set the type to'Credit Card' in the item form. Just below the link to set up additional information, click this to call up the credit card form as well. You can connect the usage period and payment bank, and set a target amount.

Here, the payment bank only matches and expresses the information, and does not automatically enter the settlement transaction on the payment date. Since there are actually so many variables, we avoid entering distorted information automatically.

After setting, each time you pay with a credit card, you will be prompted for a credit card payment transaction by selecting the corresponding'cost item' on the left and'corresponding credit card+' on the right. Then, in case of prepayment or settlement, you can enter'Applicable credit card-' on the left and'Settlement account-' on the right.

The amount reduced due to settlement, etc. does not affect the credit card report. This is because the credit card report is to verify the amount charged. For billing discounts, use negative amounts to select the same cost item on the left and credit card on the right.

Basic credit card settings

If you're already using a credit card at the beginning of whooing, setup is a bit difficult. You have to deal with the following things.

-At the beginning, the estimated billing amount in real time is investigated and registered as the basic balance. -Investigate the remaining installments at the beginning, and register the remaining installments by entering monthly installments (Description of monthly installments note)

And even if you register and start with the basic balance of your credit card, some of the above may be misaligned. This is because some things that have been paid but have not yet been approved by the credit card company are applied after a day or two.