Cash flow statement, current asset management

Cash flow statement, current asset management

Assets can be categorized by various attributes, but liquidity is of particular importance. This is because it is possible to extinguish an emergency fire through liquid assets without external assistance in coping with an emergency situation. If these current assets aren't enough, you may have to sell fixed assets at a bargain price or bring in high-interest liabilities when you need to rush. In addition, if that time is delayed, you may have to pay a high price, such as insolvency.

To prevent this situation, whooing provides the ability to set liquid cash on the category of the asset. If you set the asset category to liquid cash, you can easily see the status of the related items in this report.

You can also create a group of liquid assets and see the current status in asset liabilities. However, if you set it as liquid cash and use the cash flow statement report, more information will be provided.

In this report, you can see a summary of the total amount of cash remaining before the period viewed, as well as the cash increase or decrease in the period and the final cash situation. And just below is a chart of how each cash was spent during the inquiry period.

A chart of changes in the cash balance will be added within the searched period in the future.