Cost income, money flow

Cost income, money flow

Whooing is doubles bookkeeping, so you can manage all the different forms and flows of money. Nevertheless, the biggest factors we can feel are outgoing costs and incoming revenue. Therefore, managing costs and profits in doubles bookkeeping whooing is very frequently used and useful.

As explained on the item page, if you have categorized the cost and revenue items according to the purpose you want to identify in the first place, there is nothing to deal with. As you can see, you can also look up the period and see the amount by item. However, there are some more advanced ways to use it. Basically, it is explained based on cost only.


For the cost and revenue items, it is mandatory to select whether it is a floating item or a fixed item (unless otherwise set by the user, it is set to the default, floating item). And in the report, the sum of the floating items and the sum of fixed items are separately displayed at the bottom of the table.

Use of groups

If you created groups in preferences, this report displays the sum of the items each group contains. For more information on groups, see Adding and Editing Items.

user calculation

You can create a selective calculation formula at the bottom of the report, just as you can grasp the status of asset, liabilities and money at a glance. For settings and utilization, please refer to user calculations, enriching report information.