To start using Whooing, accounts and their initial balances must be configured first. This is a simple preparation step: please read the following instructions and you will understand.

Setting Up Your Accounts

Before you can use Whooing, you need to set up your accounts appropriately. First, let's just think about what kinds of accounts would be suitable for your lifestyle.

Which accounts would I have?

Now, if you have determined what accounts to use, let's set them up on Whooing. Click on the Settings menu.

Go to Settings

Let's add the accounts in the corresponding categories. Click on the Add button below each column.

How to add a new account
< How to add a new account >

After adding some new accounts, your Settings page will look similar to this:

New accounts are added
< New accounts are added >

If you have finished adding your accounts, let's check them out in the Balance Report.

Accounts shown in the Balance Report
< Accounts shown in the Balance Report >

Do you see all the accounts as you set up?
Wait a minute... Something is wrong here. All of the balances are zero?! No worries, that's just because you haven't set up your initial balance yet.

Now we will configure initial balances for each of your Asset and Liability accounts.

Setting Up Your Initial Balance

In Whooing, you can set up your initial balance in the Insert menu like you do for normal transactions. Let's go to the Insert page.

Go to Insert

You will see automatically generated transactions for initial balance setup.

Automatically generated transactions

Now you can modify the amount, or the initial balance in this case, of each transaction. To modify, hover your cursor on the transaction and click on the modify button that appears on the right.

Change the amount in the transaction edit window Automatically generated transactions

With initial balances entered, you are now all ready to use Whooing! Let's go back to the Balance Report just to check if your balances are entered correctly.

Go to Balance Report Initial balances are set up for each account
< Initial balances are set up for each account >

Now you can enter your transactions using appropriate accounts in the Insert page. You can also review your financial reports easily, anytime you want.

Got questions? You can always talk to other Whooing users in the Forum.
Enjoy Whooing!!