Awesomebox, simple input by command

Awesomebox, simple input by command

In whooing, it is recommended to fill in the fields of date/item/amount/left/right by default for transaction input. But sometimes you just want to type quickly out of order on the fly. The actual money spent may come to mind first, the timing may come to mind first, or the item may come to mind at what cost. At this time, you can call AwesomeBox at any time and enter quickly and easily.

[Asomebox meme]


Awesome Box can be called anytime, anywhere by using the quick input in the top center or pressing the shortcut a.

In the called Awesome Box, an input box is provided and you can see that the cursor is waiting for input. The fastest way to understand AwesomeBox is to just use it right away. Try entering the item you entered most recently. The date and amount and left/right will be placed automatically. You can enter the amount other than the item, or you can enter anything you think of first.

The field division of AwesomeBox is based on spaces, and the whooing attribute is inferred for each input word, so there is no need to worry about the order or whether it is required. Just type in whatever you think, look at the expected transaction at the bottom and add more detailed information until you get a satisfactory forecast.

Tips for use

If you use Awesome Box a lot, you may want to control more specifically beyond the novelty. Below is a detailed description of the operation method of Awesome Box.

-The date can be in colloquial languages ​​such as'Today','Tomorrow','Yesterday' and'The day before yesterday'. -The date can be added or subtracted from today, such as -1, -3, +3. -The date can also be expressed in specific terms such as month/day such as 1/24. -You can also use parentheses on items. -The amount can be expressed in colloquial terms such as '3,700 won'. -When designating left/right items, it is not necessary to specify the entire item name. If the least distinguishable character string is input, it is recognized as the corresponding item. -It supports voice recognition, so try typing in words by tapping the microphone mark on Google, etc. In the case of speaking, it is sent when you finally say'Enter', and if you press'No', the last word is canceled. -When you enter numbers and operations, it works as a calculator in a hurry. -You can move a section by entering the order of sections such as s1 and s2 as numbers.