Customer, pursuing strictness

Customer, pursuing strictness

There are things that are not items in assets or liabilities, but you need to check the balance carefully. Moreover, in this case, there is a high probability that it is not even persistent. For example, the 100,000 won I gave to Cheolsu. If you create an item called withdrawal, and if it is 100,000 won and you forget it later, you can use the account management function. That is, withdrawal becomes a kind of customer.

How to use an account

The account management function starts from the setting of the item. On the configuration page, open the edit form for the item to use the account management function. After that, if you select'Customer Management Function' in the category, this item will be transformed into an item that plays the role of managing the customer.

When there is a transaction related to this item, when entering the transaction, enter the name of the customer (person name or loan product name) in the'Item' field, and select the item from the left or right. Just write the name of the customer short and clear, and whooing will take care of the rest of the statistics.

When viewing statistics by customer, you can select the item in the transaction history and search it. When viewed, a button labeled'Item's customers' is activated at the top. If you open this button, you can see at a glance how much balance there is for each customer in the item. Another way to access this screen is to click on the item under Asset Liabilities.

Customer application

In the example above, I heard the case of giving money to an acquaintance. In fact, it can be used in transactions with a specific person and in all cases where it is repetitive and requires checking the balance. For example,'money to repay','loan','insurance', and'savings' are all applicable. In the case of a loan, the customer name becomes the name of each loan product, and you can see the total loan amount of the item in the asset liabilities later, and if you click and go to the transaction details, you will also see how much amount is left for each loan product.

Customer notice

You should not make all asset/liability items with the account management function because the account function is too powerful. As the easiest example, revenue/cost matching should be excluded from the account management function. This may be a general bankbook. In the case of a general bankbook, there are many transactions that are bitten with costs and also with profits.

Because the cost/revenue and bite are a combination of many types of transactions, a huge number of customers accumulate when the bankbook becomes a customer management item. Basically, it is general, and you need to activate this function only when you need a special account balance.