External input, automatic input of financial data

External input, automatic input of financial data

Whooing provides a way to import various domestic and international transaction data formats. You can use it as follows in a way that is convenient for you to use. All external data is divided into two steps: importing by whooing and classifying at whooing. First, the ways you can import the data are as follows.

Android, import bank/card company payment text

On Android, there is an official whooing SMS input device that allows you to easily text payment. After installing the application, just enter the phone numbers to receive text messages and the sections to be delivered. Once a day or once a few days, you can batch transfer through this app and complete it from an external input.

iPhone, bank/card company payment text

There is no app that automatically sends it, but you can prepare for input by passing the text that appears in the message app to insert@whooing.com. For detailed steps, refer to Entering Payment Text on iPhone.

excel upload

This is a method of randomly downloading .xls or .csv at the end of the month from the website of a financial company or credit card company, and uploading it to recognize it. Not all files are supported, but the majority of domestic and overseas data is more than 80, and if it is not recognized, it will be processed and responded within a week. If the file is ready, press File Upload in the external input (shortcut o) of whooing and select the file.


If you can't upload Excel or simply copied data from another app, you can deliver it through this function. For example, even when copying only data in an Excel file that has an encoding problem, copying only data from an Excel file that cannot be recognized due to many other decorative elements, or viewing a payment text through a message app on Mac and copying it by drag You can use it. No matter where it is copied, it will be recognized if it is a recognizable pattern.

After copying the data, press the Paste button in the external input (shortcut o) to copy and transfer.

If you put data in the temporary storage with the above actions, you can finalize the input by sorting. The reason the data is not processed as soon as it is imported is because only the user knows for what purpose the transaction occurred.

External input can be called from anywhere whooing by pressing the shortcut o. There is a button called'Temporary Place' in the upper left corner, and if there is data here, the number of transactions in red is displayed. Pressing this button brings up the screens where you can re-edit the final classification or transaction.

If you have clearly entered it but the number is not displayed, you should check if the section is different. Depending on the external input method, there may be cases where you enter the temporary storage of a specific section immediately.

On this screen, we can split one transaction into multiple transactions and enter them separately, change the order of the transactions, or manually enter transactions that are not in the temporary storage.

If the matching does not work as desired when imported from the temporary storage, you can change the default layout by clicking'Reset' on the right side of the imported transaction.