Whooing household account book Provided by GumoIsland

Whooing is a paid personal wealth management service in Korea that has been in operation since 2008 and has been operating for 14 this year. Beyond cost/budget management based on double-entry bookkeeping, accurate asset/liability status and flow can be recorded/managed.

💰 Start for direct use

Founder Heungban-jang wandered around notebooks, excel, and other household account book programs/services to manage the pocket money that was usually insufficient. Even at that time, numerous programs and websites were supporting a wide variety from pocket money management to household management. However, there were the following inconveniences in common.

He was anxious and angry every time he used it, but there was no suitable alternative, so he just agreed and used it while moving around. Then, when he was in his 3rd year of university, after taking an accounting management class as a liberal arts class and learning doubles bookkeeping, he felt like he finally found an alternative he was looking forward to.

By improving all the inconveniences in the household account book until now, and at the same time managing debt and capital based on double-entry bookkeeping, he really felt like he could make the asset management service he want.

⏱ Service development process

Whooing has continued to evolve to satisfy users while operating for a long time.

  1. 2008: This is the first version, which was divided into a transaction input part and other report parts, and now has the basic whooing framework.
  2. 2010: The mobile version and improved usability were supported, and from that point, word of mouth began to be heard in Kleeang.
  3. 2012: Beginning to support sections, external data linkage, Open API, etc. as the current whooing.

❤️ The characteristic of whooing

The difference between whooing and other fintech companies is that they are not interested in free use, recommending/selling financial products based on personal data, and linking with other businesses. Rather, on the contrary, it guarantees direct management/non-use/safety of personal data and aims for convenient usability.

The most important thing is to meaningfully and permanently accumulate personal data in a rapidly changing IT environment. To this end, we do not engage in any other partnerships that may pose a high business risk or data leakage, and only pursue transparent billing policies.

And they're able to use it with their eyes closed, and they don't suddenly betray their habits under the name of 'next generation' or 'renewal.' Instead, through constant discussions and tests, incremental enhancements, and tens of thousands of personalization options, we are developing not only the accumulated data but also the accumulated habits.

🖥 Technology status

whooing is Codeigniter and ReactJs, many other open sources Is written. All infrastructure is running stably in AWS.

You can access whooing.com from all major browsers (Chrome/Safari/Firefox/Opera/Edge/Explorer), devices (smartphones, tablets), and platforms (Android, iOS) to use all functions. If you want, you can also use Desktop-only app.

If you mainly use mobile, you can use individual third-party app created by individual developers. You can also use it.