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Flow of funds

Method of accounting used by the company, you can on the basis of double-entry bookkeeping, and a clear picture of the status of the assets and flow of funds. Complexity related to finance and insurance, savings, credit cards, money management technique increases, understanding of the exact funds is required.

exhaustive budget management

In accordance with current asset status, you are able to set future target amount. And on the basis of its profit and expenses, you are available to make up long-term estimate. Experience real asset management over simply saving money.

Various report

It shows current status every time via transfering many data recorded in double-entry bookkeeping system to appropriate report. Whooing is offering major reports, laboratories and etc. and the number of report is still expended.

Web/Tablet/Mobile combined UI

Whooing is possible to use everywhere, every time without any flat form and display size. All web devices are supported.(Desktop,laptop, tablet pc, smart phone etc.)

Third Party access support

You're available to various third party through developing Open API applications. There are many suitable ways for I-Phone, Androis and Chrome extended functions.

Payment message/Credit cards data input support

You can easily input current used almost 100 internal external finance data(etc household accounts/credit card record excel file/text message record). And the supporting system is still updated.

Run multiple household accounts

According to Section system, users maintain maximally 9 independent household accounts per head person. Maintain variety of household accounts l

Innovative transaction record

Applying auto input patent[no.10-1362289], you're allowed best convenient way to write down your transactions.

SSL security

Whooing apply to Comodo SSL authentication in order to avoid illegal entry or cracking. All resources are confidentially secured access.

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Great. Best Ever   Read more

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